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Are you detoxing in January?

The Holiday season is definitely over and for many it was not just a period for seeing family, friends and presents but also the time for “Digital Detox”.

In my case, although it wasn’t my choice, the experience of being in a hotel in Cuba can mean being completely “unplugged”. I must say, it was very enjoyable missing out on Tweets, Likes and emails for four days! It’s what some call “JOMO” (Joy Of Missing Out).

On the way home, I found a nice article in Wired magazine entitled “Wired World in 2014” and what a surprise! Digital Detox is categorized as one of the 52 need-to-know trends:

Anti-digital addiction apps like Pause, Human Mode will help Digital Detoxers kick their social media habit and “Nomophobia” (no mobile phone phobia).

I echo the question from last years Wired’ article “Is it Time for a Digital Detox?”.

Jeff Barak proposed that the Digital Detox bandwagon is beginning to roll and perhaps marketing-savvy service providers should find ways to jump onboard and turn it to their advantage.

What a great idea! What if mobile providers offer you a Detox Day free of charge! Well, it could be mutually beneficial in a way: people will have their lives back for 24 hours, unwind from repetitive emails and checking feeds. Companies could pride themselves on being socially responsible and why not? It could seem like a special offer for holiday seasons, allowing people to save some cash from their days off. It could also give them a competitive advantage as it can be seen by customers as a form of cash back which they can collect on days that suit them.

Finally, here I leave some tips from different magazines I’ve been reading for this research:
1. Detox together (do it with your partner, colleagues or closest friends in order to work)
2. Do it at least once a year
3. Switch off mode one hour before bed (helping you to get sleep quality)
4. Set free-devices zones at home or when socializing (like at meal times)

Try it out! Even if your mobile phone provider doesn’t give you cash back on it, the rewards are obvious!