Social Media

Who took my cookies?

If you are reading this, the chances are you could be worried about your privacy online. Nevertheless, I strongly believe the only time people in general are worried or conscious about it is when there’s breaking news like the “government of the USA spying on us” which happened 2 months ago.


If you use social media, you will have agreed to their “terms or conditions” which is basically them saying “we give you a free service and in exchange we’ll take your data”.


According to the Economist Intelligence Unit report “Mind the Marketing Gap“, some 21% of consumers say they are very concerned about the privacy of information contained in e-mail communications with vendors. My point of view is that people don’t actually seem worried about the fact that all online activity is being recorded by pages, search engines, even email providers. The cookies policy is well-established but according to a survey of 500 internet users by Sequential Media, only 11% percent of users block cookies.

Cookies monitor browsing behaviour. But are there more pros or cons of being monitored?

I have to think very carefully to come up with the pros of blocking cookies: yes, privacy, but what is privacy other than choosing to not share your personal data? If you are determined to be off the radar, simply do not engage in social media or do it anonymously.

My conclusion is that nobody is truly anonymous in the internet. No matter how hard you may try.


Finally, I’d like to ask: Do you feel like you’re being watched? Do you really care?