sharing economy

Would you share your husband?

Sometimes called the sharing economy, the Collaborative Economy is an economic model where ownership and access are shared between people, startups, and corporations.

Due to 3 main drivers or market forces impacting the way people access and consume products:

1. Societal Drivers (increasing population density, sustainability, communities and altruism),
2. Economic Drivers (idle resources, financial flexibility, access vs ownership, and funding), and
3. Technology Drivers (social networking, mobile devices, and payment systems).

Some examples:
• Car sharing with companies like Lyft, RelayRides and Carpooling. In fact, Easy group is rolling out its new car-sharing business today in the UK. Based not only on the idea of idle resources, sustainability and access vs ownership but also with the boost of mobile apps and geo-targeting features in different devices, making all possible.
• Product rental or exchanges like 99dresses and, ToySwap allow people to rent and exchange products making it easier when decided if its worth buying it at the beginning, what a great idea for brides-to-be!
• Hired-on demand or freelancing, like oDesk, where you can find from virtual assistants to SEO experts. And TaskRabbit where you can find a cleaner, handyman or a personal assistant!

The most common examples are office-sharing, flat-sharing and peer-to-peer lending; companies already very well-known in this category like Airbnb and Kickstarter and very successful in this niche.

But here a some of the weirdest examples for me:

Rent a friend for social/family events, rent a pet for a day, never eat alone with Grubwitus, Park on my Drive, and even share your husband!! I’m just kidding with the last one but in the near future I can see much more going on this subject, who knows what’s next!


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