christmas waste


This year, I’ve decided to NOT send any Christmas cards and see how many “traditional” paper cards I receive. So far, I’ve received four! Taking into account that people on average send 17 cards and that last year I received over 30, it’s quite shocking this year!

But apart from the obvious question (do people just send cards when you send them one?), my main concern is are we really moving toward a fully paperless world?

Regarding the holiday greetings and quoting the 2007 Christmas Card Survey, (I know it’s old but I couldn’t find the same stat for last year or this one!), 40% of 16-35 year olds are happy to abandon traditional cards in favour of eCards. Nevertheless, I remember last year I just got 1 eCard for Christmas! So what’s going on? Should we blame the recession? Or are more than traditional when talking about the Holiday Season?

According to research commissioned by Royal Mail, an overwhelming 72% of people would prefer to receive a traditional card than any electronic festive greeting sent through social media channels. The main reasons are: people see eCards as impersonal, cold and they also want to display the cards in their homes.

I dream of the day we don’t need so much paper, especially in this Christmas season where everything goes to waste. Just to finish off my thoughts, this Christmas we will have to recycle 1.6 billion Christmas cards, 6 million Christmas trees, 83 square miles of wrapping paper, 500 million cans of drinks and 4,200 tons of foil!! Please try to REDUCE, reuse and recycle! And why not send an eCard instead?


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